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Natural Stone Patios Croydon

One of the most durable and beautiful enhancements when you are looking to transform your garden are natural stone patios in Croydon. Slightly more expensive than a standard paved patio or slabbed patio, it provides long term durability with colours that only nature can provide.

The biggest difference between a natural stone patio and imitation styled patios is that natural stone does not lose its colour. With a quick wash down, it will always return to its original condition without any signs of fading or dulling in colour.

Imitation stone in comparison, looks very similar by design but will start to fade in around 5 years from the weather as it is a concrete product with artificial colour added to it. Our patio installers can provide you with options and samples to choose from.

Choosing between the two comes down to preference and cost. If you are looking to the long term, where you can even redesign the patio area at a later stage and simply reuse the stone, we recommend natural stone. If it is a shorter term project or budget is a big concern, we recommend some of the excellent options from Marshalls for your patio.

Natural Stone Choices

  • Porcelain Slabbing
  • Indian Sandstone
  • Granite
  • York Stone
  • Travertine
  • Slate

If you would like a free estimate for a natural stone patio in Croydon or would like to talk to someone about your choices, Surrey Driveways and Patios would love to help. Free quotes, unbeatable workmanship.